Hello Scrunchy


Hello!  We’re Hello Scrunchy, nice to finally meet you!?!  We are located in “beautiful” Edmonton Alberta... even though YEG sometimes gets a bad rep in Canada, we love it here and are proud to call it home!   

We have a small studio where we hand make all of our scrunchies using locally sourced fabrics and materials.  We take great pride in putting out the best product!   We chose the highest quality fabric and elastic, while keeping them cute and quirky!  Our fabrics are purchased in limited quantities so once material is no longer available they are sold out!  So make sure you get your scrunchies while they are in stock! We hope you love your Hello Scrunchy as much as we do?!?

Our Scrunchies are super gentle on your hair and help prevent breakage and strain!  Hello Scrunchy is perfect for all long hair types and work especially well on color treated hair.  Plus they add cute pop to an otherwise boring top bun!

In addition to being obsessed with comfy hair and cool fabrics, we believe passionately in travel, naps, good food, great friends, loud music and long walks.  But most of all... We love to Sew!