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CHILD Non Medical Masks

Image of CHILD Non Medical Masks

The Canadian Chief Medical Officers have now recommended the use of face coverings to slow the spread of the virus for pre symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission.
Here is a little bit about the masks:
•they are non-medical and are meant to slow the transmission and not to prevent you from getting it.
•the masks are meant for public areas where social distancing is hard to maintain - like grocery stores and pharmacies.
•the masks are made of THREE layers of cotton and have a filter pocket. Filter’s are not provided, do your research and choose a filter you are comfortable with. Or use without a filter.
•mask have straps that tie behind your head. No sore ears (from elastic rubbing) and are adjustable for the ideal fit on all adults.
•wash your face masks after every wear. Wash in laundry bag on hot cycle and let air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Lining is a different colour from the exterior to prevent confusion when removing mask to prevent cross contamination.
•wash your hands before putting mask on and after removing mask. And continue to social distance at 6ft apart.

Mask linings and tie straps may vary slightly from picture. Due to the nature of the product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL